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Special Education

Achieve Career Preparatory Academy embraces the philosophy of full inclusion, believing special education students are often best educated in the regular classroom. Special education teachers and para-educators work collaboratively with teachers to provide personalized instructional programs for every child. We understand that early intervention is key to solving learning difficulties. All team members accept responsibility for students and modify, accommodate and adjust teaching techniques and class activities to meet the learning abilities of all children.

Achieve Career Preparatory Academy's special education department supports and monitors all student progress. On-site, certified special education teachers provide and monitor services with oversight from the special education department. The team meets monthly for professional development, legal and compliance updates. In an effort to ensure on-site team members are able to maximize their time working with students, the corporate support department:

  • Completes state monitoring activities for all of the school sites

  • Ensures compliance with state and federal guidelines

  • Completes all annual state and federal reporting

  • Provides data oversight to ensure proper documentation

  • Responds to requests for records

Student assessment and evaluation
Educational growth is multifaceted and evaluation should reflect physical, social and intellectual progress. Various assessment tools, including state-mandated tests, are used to determine each child’s development and to measure the success of the school program in meeting its goals. The assessment and evaluation department partners with school staff in the areas of high-stakes testing, quantitative and qualitative measures/reporting and School Improvement Plan development. Using data collected through these assessments, data-driven decision making is utilized on an individual, classroom and school-wide basis.

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