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Achieve offers a variety of basic core and elective courses:

English/Language Arts: English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, Writing Workshop, and Reading Workshop.

Math: Math 9, Math 10, Math 11, Math 12, and Math Workshop.

 Science: Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology, Forensic Science, and Science Workshop.

Social Studies: Government, Economics, American History, World Geography, African American History, and Social Studies           

Physical Education and Health

Electives: Computer Skills, Internet Research, Microsoft Office, Spanish, Art, Careers, and Adult Transitions.

Gradpointe: ACPA students may elect to take additional classes via Gradpointe in our computer lab during the school day. Please contact the main office for a catalog of the courses offered. 

College Credit Plus Program: 
ACPA has partnered with Owens Community College to offer a College Credit Plus program. All students registered at ACPA will be given in opportunity to sign up for this program. We offer three programs; College
Campus Based, School Site Based and School Taught Programs. Please contact the main office for further details. 

Special education

Achieve Career Preparatory Academy embraces the philosophy of full inclusion, believing special education students are often best educated in the regular classroom. Special education teachers and para-educators work collaboratively with teachers to provide personalized instructional programs for every child. We understand that early intervention is key to solving learning difficulties. All team members accept responsibility for students and modify, accommodate and adjust teaching techniques and class activities to meet the learning abilities of all children.

Achieve Career Preparatory Academy's special education department supports and monitors all student progress. On-site, certified special education teachers provide and monitor services with oversight from the special education department. The team meets monthly for professional development, legal and compliance updates. In an effort to ensure on-site team members are able to maximize their time working with students, the corporate support department:

  • Completes state monitoring activities for all of the school sites

  • Ensures compliance with state and federal guidelines

  • Completes all annual state and federal reporting

  • Provides data oversight to ensure proper documentation

  • Responds to requests for records

Student assessment and evaluation
Educational growth is multifaceted and evaluation should reflect physical, social and intellectual progress. Various assessment tools, including state-mandated tests, are used to determine each child’s development and to measure the success of the school program in meeting its goals. The assessment and evaluation department partners with school staff in the areas of high-stakes testing, quantitative and qualitative measures/reporting and School Improvement Plan development. Using data collected through these assessments, data-driven decision making is utilized on an individual, classroom and school-wide basis.


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Achieve has a strong career and employ-ability component to its Career Choice curriculum. Students are required to complete a minimum of .5 credits in the area of the career choices coursework. Students ages 16 or older have the opportunity to earn up to 1 elective credit for work study and/or volunteer/internships outside of school. The full-time career coordinator works with students individually to complete interest surveys, employment applications, Ohio Means Jobs modules, job readiness skills and numerous other important areas of career and job readiness. Students are invited to weekly career workshops where they learn valuable employ-ability skills, create resumes, and experience real-life employers and guest speakers in diverse career fields. Students are placed in working/volunteering, or internship positions, based on age, skills, interests, availability, level or work experience and several other important factors. Achieve students take numerous field trips throughout the year, all of which are career and college focused.

Achieve offers its students the opportunity to enroll in a secondary school to earn college and high school credit through the successful completion of college courses.  CCP is intended to provide expanded opportunities for appropriately qualified high school students to experience coursework at the college or university level.


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If there is a phrase that captures the essence of Achieve Career Preparatory Academy, it is a quality school. In our academy, everyone works very hard to provide every student with the individualized attention needed to learn, grow and achieve. Each grade level curriculum is centered on the students, with lessons and standards presented in ways that help students thrive and succeed. To achieve this, several service areas align under the Leona Group's department of academic support to provide comprehensive educational support services

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